LCSH & SACO Month 8: In which Racially mixed youth are embraced, but Racially mixed college students are given the boot

HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY SANDY BERMAN! This goofy series wouldn't exist if you didn't exist.

Highlights from the August 2013 SACO editorial meeting and new LCSH from August 2013.


emphases theirs

Deities and mythological figures

Headings for individual deities and mythological figures (e.g., Thor, Hercules) should now be established in the name authority file using RDA instructions. The RDA heading will be valid for use as a subject heading.

Headings for groups of deities and mythological figures (e.g., Nymphs, the Furies) will continue to be established in LCSH because they cannot currently be established with RDA instructions. The heading God and headings of the type God (name of religion) (e.g., God (Christianity); God (Greek religion)) also continue to be established in LCSH.

I love deities and mythological figures grouped together, and God (Christian) not being the default!

This is Hanuman reading a book, from High quality Hanuman Wallpapers and Pictures

Racially mixed college students

To date, only headings in the form Racially mixed [gender group] and Racially mixed [age group] have been included in LCSH. The meeting does not wish to expand the practice into educational levels. The work being cataloged has been assigned the heading Racially mixed youth—Education (Higher)—New Hampshire—Hanover and a heading for the name of the university, which is sufficient. The proposal was not approved.

I would totally use this heading all the time, and I can imagine researchers benefiting from it.

Cover from The Adventures of Loneberry: The Projects of Jackie Wang


emphases mine

150 Digital media [May Subd Geog] [sp 98006600 ](A)
450 UF New media (Digital media) ADD FIELD
I love the idea of New media (Digital media) being added to a heading established fifteen years ago.

New Coke—a joke that never gets old. Image from Retronaut

150 Ili͡ushin -12 (Transport plane) CHANGE HEADING(C)
150 Ili͡ushin Il-12 (Transport plane) [Not Subd Geog] [sp2012002446]
450 UF Coach (Transport plane)
450 UF Il-12 (Transport plane)
550 BT Ili͡ushin airplanes
550 BT Transport planes
Never saw that diacritic before.

150 Psychiatric service dogs [May Subd Geog] [sp2013001522](A)
450 UF Therapy dogs (Psychiatric service dogs)
550 BT Animals as aids for people with disabilities
Seems like an awesome alternative or supplement to psychiatric drugs.

Photo from Berrygrove Dog Training & Behavior

150 Racially mixed youth [May Subd Geog] [sp2013001689](A) (C)
550 BT Youth
I'm sure it's in the rules or warrant or scope somewhere, but how do you know when to use youth vs. children vs. teenagers? And how is that more helpful than adding college students?

150 Rednecks in literature [Not Subd Geog] [sp2013001681](A)
150 Rednecks in popular culture [May Subd Geog] [sp2013001682](A)
550 BT Popular culture
Rednecks is a subject heading?!? #class #classism #classy

150 Women insurance investigators [May Subd Geog] [sp2013001753](A)
550 BT Insurance investigators
550 BT Women in insurance
The warrant is a mystery series, if you're curious.