Dear LoC, Pregnancy, Unwanted is an unwanted subject heading, Love Laura Crossett

My friend Laura Crossett suggested terminology to the nice folks at LC. She let me share her suggestion here, cuz she's CC like that.

I recommend changing the terminology for from "Pregnancy, Unwanted" to:

Pregnancy, Unplanned


Pregnancy, Unintended

The latter is used by the CDC in describing pregnancies that are "mistimed, unplanned, or unwanted at the time of conception,*" which I suppose is a broader term than simply "unwanted pregnancy"--but that would mean it could be applied to a greater range of situations, which might prove useful, as there is currently no subject heading appropriate for a woman who finds herself pregnant when she was not anticipating such an event. Not all unintended or unplanned pregnancies are unwanted, or end up being that way. I had one myself and wrote a book about it, in fact.

An unplanned or unintended pregnancy a common occurrence: almost half the pregnancies in the United States fit that description. An unwanted pregnancy suggests a moral judgment, something I would hope the LoC tries to avoid.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Laura Crossett