Anya's Ghost

Brosgol, Vera

Russian 1.5 generation immigrant teenager Anya Borzakovskaya falls down a well and meets a ghost. The ghost is scary at first, then helpful, then scary again and in the end helps Anya learn valuable lessons and quit smoking.

Along the way, she also learns how to use print and microform materials in the library! When I went to look for a page image of this, I found that my friend Kelly had posted one:

There's a lot more to dig into in the library scene, beginning with Anya approaching the building and saying "Worth a shot...," being hailed by a cheerful reference librarian and then an involved sequence with the microform reader.

I love this fantasy page:

"I need someone more negative."

I didn't love the story--library section aside--but the art is appealing, and though I mocked it above, I do appreciate the wisdom Anya comes to in the end about better appreciating herself and her friend and being a more generous person in general.

Apr 13 2013