Into the Forest

Hegland, Jean

Sort of like the movie 2 Days in New York that I watched last week, I am not sure if I admired or hated this book. The writing is good, I guess. It's sophisticated, but not showy, but the characters might be a little hard to love.

Really, I'm stymied. I hated the ending, but I won't spoil it for you if you want to give this feminist doomsday novel a shot. I found the symbolism a little heavy and the science a little light. More people on Amazon liked it than hated it, with just under half giving it five stars, if you're wondering.

Some cute quotes, though:

"We're not Christians, we're capitalists," he said. "Everybody in this whangdanged country is a capitalist, whether he likes it or not. Everyone in this country is one of the world's most voracious consumers, using resources at a rate twenty times greater than that of anyone else on this poor earth. And Christmas is our golden opportunity to pick up the pace."

and this one, sure to warm a librarians' soul:

I had almost decided to save nothing for myself, when a book still standing on the half-emptied shelf caught my eye. I had never read it, had never done more than glance through its thousand pages, but suddenly I knew it was the third book I would take. I lifted it down, traced its title with my finger: Index: A-Z.

I could not save all the stories, could not hope to preserve all the information--that was too vast, too disparate, perhaps even too dangerous. But I could take the encyclopedia's index, could try to keep that master list of all that had once been made or told or understood.

Jun 30 2013


#1 Kate Haas

Ooh, I really like this book! (I once went on a book tour/road trip with the author, too; she's super nice.) I haven't read it in a long time, but I remember liking the slow decline apocalyptic scenario (like Parable of the Sower), which is so much more realistic than the big fiery end scenario. I liked the characters, too.

#2 jenna

I can't remember how I heard of it. Maybe you recommended it in Miranda? It could also have been Kim Cody, since she says she loved it, too.