show your love for feminism and print -- help save Bitch magazine

I don't really have time to write a detailed post just now, but I wanted to get this out there because I really love Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture. The print publishing industry is all kinds of fucked right now, and not just because many people like to read things online. When I get more time, I'll dig up links and backstory on the demise of Punk Planet, Clamor, etc. Anyway, send them some dough!


#1 emily

One of the comment-rs on the Bitch blog thread hits on the question as I am seeing it today: What does the $40K get us? Bitch in print, or one more issue of Bitch in print?

Seriously, what are we going to do about radical alternative print publications that are not done by individuals? Does anybody know how Left Turn is doing with their 'sustainer' and 'ally subscriber' models?

#2 emily

And because the girl can't help it, here's a link to one version of what happened to clamor:

#3 jenna

Thanks, Emily. We can discuss this in person in 1 hour!

#4 Anonymouse

Thanks for blogging about this! I donated some dough and am trying to spread the word. The wiener dog indicates that they've already raised $10K!

#5 Ida C. Benedetto

Watching their video on youtube ( and seeing the overwhelming number of lefty mags that have folded recently , I wonder if fighting to stay in print is an uphill battle that distracts from the larger goal of disseminating these ideas and supporting the people behind them. This is an issue for print publications of all kinds. Are lefty publications missing the trends by fighting to stay in print?

#6 shinjoung

Yay! I just went to their site and they made their goal to keep the mag alive!! Thanks for spreading the word.