Berman appreciation, part two

Yesterday I declared Sandy Berman Appreciation Month and implored readers to send Sandy get well wishes. But I know it's really hard for some people to buy a card, write on it, put it in an envelope, stamp it, and mail it. Therefore, I volunteer to convey your messages for you.

Either write a comment here, or post it elsewhere and send me the link, and I will print and mail your contribution for you. Please show Sandy some love!


#1 carole

Wow! What happened? I can't not send Sandy snail mail but also want him to know through this media that I wish him only the best recovery. I've known Sandy going on 40 years -- since we were in SRRT together in Minneapolis.

#2 SD_Aus

It's important for the bravest among us to stand for the shy majority. Best wishes for your recovery.

#3 Ron

Mr. Berman:

I do not know you personally, but I wish to extend my hopes for a speedy recovery. I am a new member of PLG. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

#4 Anonymouse

Still remember reading Sandy's typewritten "mimeographed"
"Unabashed" publication and I was very moved by his concern for the ordinary reader/library user. I am talkin' 60's here.
I could not understand why he was having a hard time convincing the powers that be of the validity of his words.

These days in library retirement, I still keep up on Sandy's influences and how he is still trying to open the library to the user/nonuser and wish him well in his recovery.

From a retired 60's librarian

#5 Karen

Be well, Sandy. Hope to see your face in library land again soon....

#6 Elaine

Get well soon, Sanday!
I don't know you personally, but your influence is pervasive. Best wishes for your recovery.

#7 Dawn E. Bergacker

I worked as a film library clerk at HCPL between business school and library school. I met Sandy a few times, and occasionally perused the alternative literature he routed around to interested people.

Two of my co-workers worked part-time in Tech Services, and when I decided that the only way I'd get a somewhat well paid full-time job in a library was to go back and get an MLS, Sandy donated his copy of AACR2 for my going away party. He said he never used it. So, I had the honor of using Sanford Berman's copy of AACR2 at library school!

Dawn E. Bergacker

#8 don warner saklad

How can folks get Sandy Berman setup with a computer?...

#9 jenna

People have tried. He doesn't want one.

#10 Jenny Lipow

Jenna, I'm definitely one of those well-intentioned but operationally inept folks, so I thank you so much for offering to pass this along. JL

Sandy Berman!

Greetings from Anne Lipow's daughter (and fellow Berman Admirer), Jenny. I was so sorry to hear of your accident and encouraged to learn that you seem to be on the mend a bit ahead of schedule.

Somehow, it's been four years since Anne died on 9-9-04 [yahrzeit September 23 this year]; Roy Tennant published his festschrift in her honor this summer, and on Tuesday's anniversary we'll all be at the dedication of "The Free Speech Cafe Front Pages"--Steve's latest contribution to UC library--outside Moffitt in Anne's honor.

Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery, Sandy.

In Solidarity,

Jenny Lipow